Factory Built Housing Terms

Factory Built Housing Terms

Confused about all of the names surrounding factory built housing? Don't worry, because we are here to help! Basically we will look at each term, describe them and enumerate their differences. These...

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Why choose Prairie Lights Country Homes?

Our homes are not subject to the elements such as rain, snow or freezing temperatures during the construction process.  Every home is constructed with strict on-site quality control. Each mobile home is designed and built under the direction of production engineers, supervisors, quality auditors and Intertek Quality Control Inspection.  All our factory built homes are dielectrically tested and the plumbing system is pressurized and tested at 100 psi for 2 hours to confirm functionality prior to leaving the factory.

Our homes provides convenience.

We look after everything including placing and verifying your factory order. That includes designing, coordinating the build and determining the final price. You won’t be faced with extras with your mobile home – costs and pricing are known up front.

Quality and attention to detail is built into every home.

Prairie Lights Country homes uses only high quality components from established suppliers in every home. Our Intertek certified quality assurance program ensures that each home is inspected at every stage of construction. While under construction, the building materials and most importantly, the house itself is protected from the weather. Prairie Lights country Homes is dedicated to building quality homes; bringing pride to us and the homeowner.